“It is always a pleasure to work with Craig. We have a tremendous level of trust in his expertise. He listens to our goals, and provides valuable feedback to help us achieve them. He has a great creative eye and sense of composition, but it’s Craig’s ability to put his subjects at ease and the rapport he has built with our team that makes him our first choice for photography..”
Ken Lambert
Graphic Designer
Werner Eelectric

“Craig has been very professional, creative, and thorough in capturing the essence of our products. The images have effectively conveyed the precision and detail in our designs, illustrations through visuals, that what can be easily considered as mundane ‘hunks of metal’ are actually quite sophisticated and well build machines.”
Bob Cool
Executive VP
Aurizon Ultrasonics , LLC
testimonial Eagle Supply Industrial photography“The challenge of maneuvering with lighting & photo equipment on the production floor, while not disrupting my employee’s workflow; and getting great images all within budget, is why I would use Craig’s services again for our next project.”
Jared Ballin
Eagle Supply & Plastics Inc.
Industrial testimonial photograpny“When searching for a photographer to do our brochure and web photo’s we asked printers along with designers as two works with whom. Craig Augustine became our choice to capture the environment of our workers and to present it as the culture it is. The challenge that we all faced was not to lose production time with employees as they go about their job. With Craig’s approach, and experience he not only captured the difference between work areas but brought out the creativity that we overlook as a normal daily routine. The great images reflect what makes each person, and work area special.”
Dale Skovera
A to Z Machine Company, Inc
V Board product photography“I have been working with Craig for over 20 years in a variety of photo situations including studio, portraits, and industrial locations. Craig is personable and professional. He has a great eye as well as problem-solving capabilities. He is conscientious about creating minimum disruption for our clients and is reasonable in his pricing. If you need quality photography and responsive service, I highly recommend Craig for your next job.”
Chip Ryan
Creative Director
Brand Directions

A subtle added detail can improve a night sky.

A subtle added detail can improve a night sky.

I met with a fellow photographer recently at a coffee shop.  We talked about many things - from encountering the unexpected on a location job (and how we handled it), to tricks we use in post production,  to whether or not  having a few jokes at the ready to loosen up...

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Inherited Photographs

Inherited Photographs

I just ordered a new iPhone.  My present one is cracked, outdated and full of images.  When I scroll back from most recent to the very first image I took almost 8 years ago, (from 2 generations of iPhones),  I can see my history flip back to a younger time with kids...

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New Born Building Photography

New Born Building Photography

Photographing the architecture of a commercial business while they are operating can be a difficult thing to do.  A long time client of mine likes his buildings represented with no people and no cars evident in the final image - what you might call a new born building...

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