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Business portraits, environmental portraiture, conceptual portraiture, group portraiture and lifestyle photography all have one thing in common: people. Now, more than ever the need for a business to be represented in a personal way is vital. Stock photography can be purchased at a very reasonable cost to fit a variety of needs, however, to capture the authentic personnel of a business, stock photography will not do.

I photograph people for websites, social media, editorial articles for magazines, corporate reports and visitor’s guides. The variety of imagery a business may have for their marketing needs comprises a multitude of ingredients. Photography desired may be of their facility, business processes, the latest acquired technology or new machinery. Personalization, representing the real people who operate those machines, receive guests in the lobby and essentially run the business, is what individualizes and sets a company apart from others who might use generic stock photography to tell their story.

Photographing the CEO of a hospital or healthcare facility in his or her office or on the floor, conversing with a doctor, calls for a modified photographic approach to procure optimum results. Attention to the background, the existing lighting and what the final image is to convey are all details I consider before I trip the shutter. The portable location lighting I use to capture lifestyle, and environmental portraits are powerful and versatile. Having a plan, yet staying open to improvisation and happy accidents, while behind the camera, is how my best images of people are generated.

Professional business portraits for websites and social media are more important now than ever before. There is no excuse for posting an image of oneself for a business that doesn’t look professional. My portrait set up can be transported and assembled in an empty conference room, or anywhere else on location, eliminating the need to travel to a studio. This saves the client time. I bring the studio to you. I carry a variety of backdrops, along with the best portable portrait lighting, to capture the studio look, on location.



Have studio, will travel

Have studio, will travel

A recent project I was involved in was photographing large products on location.  The comfort of shooting in a studio, of which I worked in for 10 years, is that EVERYTHING I needed was there, organized and in familiar surroundings.  The client comes to me, on my...

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I almost fell for it

I almost fell for it

I have mentioned more than a few times that I have been a professional commercial advertising photographer for a long time.  I have seen advancements in just about everything connected to professional photography. Just when I thought I have seen it all, a request for...

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