In looking back on the projects I have been involved in this past year, I am pleased with the images that have accumulated.  Rating my favorites is a subjective process and the only criteria I set is that each image was either for a job or for promotional purposes.  I realize this standard is very loose.  Promotion can be considered my business Facebook page, Instagram, blog or Linkedin.  Terms and conditions made clear, the images follow here in no particular order…

Appleton Monthly Magazine – May

Jerome Franke Violin Studio

WPPI Energy

Agnesian HealthCare

Fox Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau 

Appleton Monthly Magazine – March

Appleton Monthly Magazine – June

Bayland Buildings – (Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center)

Deb Public Relations for UA400 Pipe Trades

Fox Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau 

Self Promotion

Self Promotion

I struggle every year with choices.  Photography, as with many art forms, is highly subjective.  In reviewing my work at the end of each year, I am reminded of  how fortunate I feel to be able to do what I do.  With the trust of client’s and years of experience, I look forward to another year of creative problem solving behind the camera.

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