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Industrial photography

To make compelling, powerful commercial, industrial photography requires problem-solving on site. I help business owners in the manufacturing, fabricating and industrial trades by capturing images of their operations that set them apart from the competition. Working around production lines in tight spaces with portable, location lighting, Craig Augustine Photography produces images for all advertising media including annual reports, brochures, sell sheets, catalogs, in-house marketing and web sites.

With over 20 years of professional, commercial advertising photography experience, capturing industrial and manufacturing images for business is my specialty.

Low light and fast action in a noisy manufacturing plant requires a photographic strategy. The combination of effectively utilizing the best portable lighting equipment teamed with a premier digital camera and years of experience are the tools I depend on to get the images I need.

In scouting the location assigned to photograph, before the actual shoot, a quick assessment of potential obstacles, ambient lighting, the number of personnel in the area and camera angles are all analyzed.

An effort to work quickly in a factory or manufacturing plant serves two purposes. I find that spontaneity produces compelling, in- the- moment photographs and secondly, working quickly saves the client money. Working within the budget, without sacrificing quality is a priority. I accomplish this by doing my homework. After a meeting with the client and outlining what is to be accomplished, I scout the location. From there, I can mentally prepare for what I will need to do the job: the type of lights, the number of lights, the style of light modifiers, the kind of light supports and whether or not I will need an assistant.

The industrial environment, with it’s seemingly controlled chaos fuels my excitement for this type of photography. Capturing the raw beauty of the manufacturing process and the dignity of the men and women who operate these marvels of ingenuity, are what compels me to set up shop on the plant floor to capture something engaging and perhaps unexpected.

Have studio, will travel

Have studio, will travel

A recent project I was involved in was photographing large products on location.  The comfort of shooting in a studio, of which I worked in for 10 years, is that EVERYTHING I needed was there, organized and in familiar surroundings.  The client comes to me, on my...

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I almost fell for it

I almost fell for it

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