A few weeks ago, a project for Diamond Water Incorporated included, from the director of business development, the phrase I love to hear:  ” Craig, go back into the shop area and do your thing!”  To me, that means:  photograph anything that will look dynamic, compelling, colorful (or not), active, powerful and interesting.  Images of industry and product that could tell a story in one frame.  Often times I shoot with direction, from a marketing person,  based on what the company wants to portray, a new machine, a unique process or a new addition to the facility.  Routinely, I don’t  get permission to shoot whatever I think looks cool!



Armed with my Nikon D850 and three Nikon SB900 portable speedlights on stands, I headed back to the production shop area and quickly was in the zone.  The zone, for me is a tuned in visual scanning that takes over, opening me  to potential images as they happen.  I work quickly and this day, I was lucky enough to have a HLS  ( Human Light Stand), Chelsey, the art director for the project.  My other 2 speedlights were on light stands.

Having my trusted equipment, camera at my hip with 17 – 35 mm zoom lens,  Nikon Speedlites , all triggered by Pocket Wizard radio slaves, provides me with everything I need on location to capture amazing images.  It is simply up to me to see them.

This visual “zone” I get in to as I hunt for angles, lighting, subject matter and personalities neutralizes all ambient distractions.  I wander the back shop area scouting for interesting images.  I know it when I see it.

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