What I shot

End of the year lists are somewhat subjective when rating music, movies and news stories.  Personally, photographically speaking, anything having to do with looking back on what I shot for a client on the job site or on the way home from the job is also subjective.  Taking only into account  the visual appeal of an image, (some financially profitable and some for fun),  I have chosen 14.

In 2019, I shot industrial, commercial architectural, residential real estate, product, business portraits (both studio and environmental) and lifestyle images with an emphasis on a product.  I also photographed landscapes.  I shot at night, in the late afternoon and at high noon.  Most of the commercial images fulfilled the job requirements but did not constitute visual notoriety.

The value of a year end review is to detect a direction.  What type of jobs am I excelling at?  What could I use improvement on and what could I have done better with lighting, attention to background and composition?  I think there is always room for improvement.  Here are fourteen images that I was excited about, recognizing the potential of each one while looking through the viewfinder,  then finalizing them in post production.


Noteworthy Images

This product has texture, dimension and artistic sculptural elements inherent in it’s function.  The play of shadows and highlights on each piece contributes to the individual beauty.   This was done for Durr MEGTECH.

I like this environmental portrait because the VP is looking off camera exuding a spirited, approachable persona.  This image could be an out -take, but it was my favorite from the session.   it was done for Voith Paper Fabric and Roll Systems Inc.

On the way home after photographing a facility dedication event in Waupun, I stopped for gas and this scene was in front of me.

Complimentary colors, dramatic bold shapes and a technician came together in my viewfinder.  I liked it when I saw it.   This is an electric motor used in the mining industry  being tested, shot for L&S Electric.

Late afternoon sun streams in, adding natural light to the clean, strong lines of this commercial public space.  This was shot for the Community First Champion Center, Appleton.

Many speedlights are hidden in recesses and hollows  to illuminate the labyrinthine of industrial engineered genius visible in this paper machine.  This image was made for L&S Electric (at Midwest Paper Group, Combined Locks.)

I have been an admirer of Todd Hido’s photography from the moment I discovered his haunting images of suburban houses  photographed at night.     https://images.app.goo.gl/WjjUG9XpPDGXwwkD6      It was only after I captured this scene that I recognized my affinity for his work.

Exterior architectural images look better with, low humidity,  a blue sky and sun in the right position.  Those elements all came together for this project.  Complimentary colors of blue and yellow also contribute to the appeal.  This was shot for Bayland Buildings.

Frozen, wind sculpted snowy landscapes is what defines winter on the north central Wisconsin farm prairies.   This was shot for myself on the way home from a job in the Steven’s Point area.

A clean and dramatic industrial image shot for Durr MEGTECH.

The unusual story with this photograph is that the scene is in Appleton, two miles from the downtown hub. To me, this farm looks like a movie set.  Every time I drove by the place, I promised myself I would capture it before it disappeared.  Finally, on a snowy Friday afternoon, I drove there with my camera.  This was my holiday card for 2019.

The huge flywheel is really the hero of this one.  All the iron and steel implements of his trade in the background add to the story.

This was a grab shot as I was walking to another location within the plant for the next photo set up.  I had my camera around my neck, and clicked when I was walking down this corridor.  I think the steam in the foreground adds an evocative component.

Having my camera, nearby on a family vacation in the early morning provided me the opportunity to capture the view before a cloud passed over the sun or my daughter got up and moved.  I’m not a fan of sunset or sunrise photographs but every so often…

In Appreciation

Thank you for viewing.  I try to express gratitude every day for the opportunity to engage in the art and commerce of commercial photography.  Moving forward in the coming year, I hope for occasions of discovery, profit and new allies.

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